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Experience Forward Living at Pixel

Pixel makes living easy

Every service is available within the community and its pedestrianized plaza; from medical clinics to kindergartens and laundromats, to coffee shops, and kids playgrounds. With the chance to live comfortably and conveniently, and to pursue every hobby a person might have, people are truly able to be enriched in Pixel, and focus on their friends and family.

A typical designs

Contemporary minimal architecture stands asymmetrically to create natural wind tunnels and enhanced access to the plaza. Pocket gardens create oases of calm and spark the chance encounters that knit communities together.

Unconventional Living Spaces

Intelligently-designed living spaces catered to your lifestyle. Standard layouts are abandoned in favour of open-plan freedom to design your life and routines your way.

Collaborative & Creative Hubs

Harnessing creative energy into collaborative spaces that spark ideas and invite new conversations. Our creative hubs serve the makers, ideators and entrepreneurs crafting tomorrow’s ideas in an environment where work-life balance counts.

Bustling Realm

Explore a carefully cultivated and vibrant world of dining and retail. Street and plaza level life at Pixel is full of surprises and rewarding journeys of exploration.